Terms of Participation

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On an annual basis, Dorothy.comSM (the Company) may share cash profits (BrickShare®) with its participating members (Member). The Company has termed its operating structure LEOSM a Capitalism "S" economic model. The Company participates in the sharing economy by allowing its members to participate in annual cash profits. Members will receive profit shares (Brick®) each time they participate in certain transactions. For example, if a member buys, sells, rents, provides services, products, funding, completes education, purchases collateral, promoting, or provides referrals they will receive a predetermined amount of bricks. If a member participates in a real property transaction and there are two or more parties on the deed, then the bricks will be split equally between the parties. If the party on the deed is a company, the company receives the bricks. If a member provides products or services, the bricks will be issued to the individual or if a company to the company.

The current rules, which are subject to change at any time by the Company, governing the accumulation of bricks and the resulting profit sharing are:

  1. The Company will determine annually if a profit-sharing distribution will be made.
  2. The Company will determine the minimum number of accumulated bricks required to participate in the annual profit-sharing as well as the minimum annual profit-sharing amount subject to distribution.
  3. Members will be eligible for annual profit-sharing only if they keep the following contact information current by signing on to my.dorothy.com with username and password a minimum of once per year:
    • mailing address
    • e-mail address
    • cell phone number
  4. Members may accumulate bricks until their death at which time the bricks no longer participate in the annual profit sharing.
  5. The Member authorizes the Company, Company affiliates, the individual contractor(s) to contact the member in person and/or electronically.

The use of the term "member" or "membership" does not convey any ownership rights in the Company. In the future, the Company may or may not convert the bricks to shares and/or give members the option to convert into ownership in a public offering. Government regulations and or REALTOR® Associations may or may not limit the Company’s ability to share with members in any or all sharing methods. The Company reserves the right to modify and/or end membership at its discretion.

Changes in the Terms of Participation, Data Policy, Security and Vulnerability Policies, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, State Disclosures, Media Assignment and/or Vendor NDA will be communicated in the Company newsletter.

As a member you are agreeing to these terms of participation.